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The Best Ways to Get Rid of Alcohol Cravings

Content After an Overdose: What Can you Do To Prepare For Recovery? Actions to Cope with Cravings in the Moment Is your «lite» beer light in alcohol? Practice a Grounding Exercise Urge Surfing What causes alcohol cravings? These tips can help you get started on the road to recovery. As you can see, alcohol is no empty threat, and overcoming alcohol addiction isn’t an easy proposition. We spend so much time thinking about all of the ways we’ve messed up or all of the times we’ve [...]


Alcoholism Definition, Causes, & Associated Diseases

Content What are the key signs of alcohol overdose? Stressful Environments Mental Health Online Therapy Signs and symptoms What Increases the Risk for AUD? Men tend to have a lower response to alcohol, which can make them more likely to use larger quantities and develop an addiction. Alcohol abuse can be triggered by psychological behaviors like approval-seeking, self-worth issues or impulsiveness. Often, people drink as a coping strategy to manage emotions or “self-medicate.” People who suffer from mental health concerns like anxiety or depression are [...]