The Best Ways to Get Rid of Alcohol Cravings

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Alcohol Cravings

These tips can help you get started on the road to recovery. As you can see, alcohol is no empty threat, and overcoming alcohol addiction isn’t an easy proposition.

  • We spend so much time thinking about all of the ways we’ve messed up or all of the times we’ve let ourselves down.
  • When people find themselves in these situations, they crave alcohol because there’s a mental or physical change in their surroundings.
  • When you’re drinking regularly, your brain gets used to high levels of dopamine.
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  • You may be sitting at work and unable to think about anything except for when you can have your next drink.

To reduce alcohol cravings, it helps to understand that the temptation to have a drink, even when you’ve resolved not to, is rooted in both psychological and physical factors. If certain people, places, or activities trigger a craving for alcohol, try to avoid them. This may mean making major changes to your social life, such as finding new things to do with your old drinking buddies—or even giving up those friends and finding new ones. While you may have moved on mentally from consuming alcohol, the taste of the substance and the desire for its effects may reprise from time to time. You have just read that post-acute alcohol withdrawal lasts up to two years, so is that when the cravings will stop?

After an Overdose: What Can you Do To Prepare For Recovery?

If you choose to try it on your own and at any point feel you need more help, then seek support . Alcohol cravings are common, especially when you first try to change your drinking habits. It could take some time and effort to find a strategy that helps you navigate them effectively, but you do have plenty of options for support. Certain antidepressants also show promise for helping reduce drinking when you live with depression. Your care team might recommend this approach if you experience symptoms of anxiety and depression along with cravings. Therapy with a trained mental health professional — particularly one who specializes in substance use and recovery — can be another great way to explore long-term changes in alcohol use. When not drinking, you might begin to notice feelings of anxiety or other emotional distress, along with strong cravings for alcohol.

how to reduce alcohol cravings

Or drink soda, water, or juice between alcoholic drinks. Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea, so make sure you eat food when you drink. Make it clear that drinking will not be allowed in your home and that you may not be able to attend events where alcohol is being served.

Actions to Cope with Cravings in the Moment

Kudzu is an ancient Chinese herbal supplement that is said to reduce alcohol cravings. It is the only natural supplement that is recognized by the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Several peer-reviewed studies demonstrated that supplementation with kudzu can lead to a decrease in alcohol consumption in individuals considered to be heavy alcohol consumers. It is not entirely understood how kudzu works to diminish alcohol cravings. Acamprosate also helps reduce cravings, though some research suggests it may be slightly more effective for continuing sobriety after you’ve already stopped drinking. This medication appears to help restore alcohol-related imbalances in brain chemistry and ease withdrawal symptoms.

  • Antabuse is not available OTC and requires a prescription from a doctor.
  • Even 10 minutes catching up on recent news and sharing stories from your daily life can offer enough of a distraction that the craving passes, almost before you know it.
  • The fiber in whole grains like rice, quinoa, barley, and faro, keep one’s digestive system running properly and contributes to healthy gut flora .
  • Fortunately, some effective methods have emerged to help stop alcohol cravings, including anti-craving medication, and mindfulness practices.
  • It also provides worksheets to help you uncover the nature of your urges to drink and to make a plan for handling them.

It’s also important to go to the person with the correct information and provide them with details about recovery programs, treatment centers and support programs. Behavioral therapy that points out the bad aspects of consuming alcohol. This process allows the drinker to quit focusing on the good parts of drinking and keeping the negative qualities in mind. Eventually, the person will avoid alcohol to prevent a negative experience. If you’re in a volatile relationship, an argument with your partner might cause you to reach for alcohol.

Is your «lite» beer light in alcohol?

Alcohol detox isn’t easy and not everyone can do it on their own. That is why alcohol detox and alcohol withdrawal treatment is administered by medical professionals. Cravings do lessen over time but it can take some people many years to eliminate them altogether. The worse the addiction, the longer the cravings will last. It also doesn’t help matters if you live in an environment with alcohol.

  • Handling the urges to drink will determine your ability to shed alcohol cravings.
  • During these moments, it is important to recognize the behaviors you are exhibiting and if they are conducive to your recovery goals.
  • Keep reading to find out which 5 foods can help you reduce alcohol cravings effectively.
  • So in order to keep yourself healthy and happy, you’ll need to create a new lifestyle and eating habits to reset your metabolism and nervous system.
  • Any time you drink alcohol, a “feel good” neurotransmitter called dopamine is released in your brain.

Now is the time when you should be looking to quit, but you don’t want to do this cold turkey. It’s imperative to undergo detox in a professional setting, because alcohol withdrawal has the potential to be fatal. You can curb your alcohol cravings by carefully selecting the carbs you eat. Because how to reduce alcohol cravings alcohol contains simple carbs that are quickly digested, your body starts to crave them. Nuts are small nutrient powerhouses and a healthy snack for a quick pick-me-up. But they can also help you reduce your alcohol cravings. Immediately, firmly refuse to give in to your alcohol cravings.